A Neverland is an island that rests in the place between dreaming and awake; we all have one. Our mission here at Neverland Images is to provide our clients with quality, eye-catching photographs that embody the essence of their Neverland. Through a unique blend of artistry and storytelling, we hope to capture memories and turn them into dreams. 

We believe that your experience with us is just as important as the images you receive. No one likes to feel anxious or awkward in photos - and it shows. In order to create images that you can look back on and truly cherish, we strive to make you feel as comfortable as we can. We especially love tagging along on fun adventures and getting all those perfect candids. Some of our favorite photos are of the secret glances and inside jokes that are shared between our clients and the people they love. 

Neverland Images is a Portland, Oregon based photography business run by Autumn Elmore and Kai Young. We have been together for 3 years and our partnership has helped us both grow in many ways. While separately we had explored the world of photography, we found that with our combined skill sets we could create some truly beautiful and compelling images. Our relationship is very playful, and it is this youthful sense of wonder that inspired our name 'Neverland Images', reminding us that no matter how old we get, we don't ever have to grow up. 
Meet the Photographers
Autumn Elijah Elmore
Through my eyes, everyone is beautiful. 
I am currently a student pursuing a BS in Psychology from Portland State University. Although I plan to work in the field of mental health, art has always been my passion. I intend to combine these aspects of myself in order to create images that will allow people to see themselves in a better light. Throughout my life, I have seldom been without a camera in hand. I especially love playing with color to bring to life images that are as unique as the individuals I photograph.
Kai Paul Young
Everyone has a story to tell; I just want to help. 
I received my BA in Theatre Arts from Southern Oregon University in 2013. There, I studied to be a lighting designer and an actor. Through these and other independent studies, I have honed my eye for color and focus on composition. Whether I am designing lights, acting, or taking photographs, my goal is to make the audience feel something. As a photographer, I strive to capture the wonder that lives behind my subjects' eyes.
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